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Q1. I just don’t have the time.  We’re doing well with what we got.  We’ve accepted the costs. 
What is the Need?

A. Printers and copiers are the secret backdoor hackers are using right now to compromise networks. Would you invest twenty minutes of your time to avoid a potential breach leaving your clients vulnerable, and you open to hefty fines, expensive litigation, and your reputation at risk?

At a time when large data breaches are almost a weekly occurrence across all industries, the confidentiality and protection of data is perhaps one of the greatest challenges faced by ALL industries.  And whether you believe it or not, unsecured printers and copiers can compromise the confidentiality of your data and irreparably harm your reputation.

>>>Hospitals, labs, HMOs and other healthcare organizations have been victims of some of the most damaging and expensive hacks in recent history.

>>>A Report Published in HIPAA Journal: 2019 Health Care Data Breaches Setting Records.  In 2019, more healthcare records were breached than in all of 2016, 2017 and 2018 combined, with HIPAA violation settlements in the tens of millions in 2019.  

>>>American Bar Association  2019 Legal Tech Report Finding: ONE IN FOUR LawFirms Have Experienced a Practice Threatening Security Breach…

>>>CNBC Oct 13 2019: Cyberattacks now cost companies $200,000 on average, putting many out of business.

Having the HIPAA cops come down on you like a ton of bricks and the resulting years-long bureaucratic wrangling is potentially catastrophic.  Give us just 20 minutes and we’ll show you how we not only assess and minimize your risk, but point you to sizable savings opportunities that may be available.

Q2. We have a supplier that we recently signed an agreement with.

A. If you have recently signed an agreement and you’re happy with the results of that agreement, then there is no need for further action at this time.

Stay on our mailing list, remain current on what’s happening in the industry, and book a consult 6-12 months prior to your contract renewal.

On the other hand, if you find yourself unhappy with your recently signed agreement, book a free consult and let’s see what we can do about it.

Q3. We do not have resources for another project.

A. If you’re happy with your recently signed contract, then you don’t need another project. If not, then we can help you determine the resources necessary to disentangle yourself from that contract. We will prepare a free cost-benefit analysis for doing so, and then you decide. 

 If you are near contract renewal, you already have a project. And bringing Copier Analytics in to assist you actually frees up internal resources while ensuring a better contract. 

You can substantially strengthen and enhance your resources and it won’t cost you a dime, while saving tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars over the life of the new contract. 

Q4. Is this initiative going to cause a disruption to my team?

A. Absolutely not. In fact, our unique methodology is designed to bring order, harmony, consensus and teamwork to an often chaotic, biased, and myopic business process. It’s precisely how we’ve saved our clients over $100,000,000 and counting.

Remember, our fees are 100% performance-based and dependent on working closely with your team. Disruption works at cross-purposes to that goal, and is therefore not part of the equation..

Q5. Why would I look at my copiers and printers we are already working with a vendor?

A. It is important to know your true Total Cost of Ownership and how your TCO compares to other organizations in your industry, and also other types of print heavy enterprises (healthcare, higher ed, legal, accounting, non-profit, etc.).

Copier Analytics’ competitive benchmarking answers these questions and allows you to accurately identify best practices.

It gives you a penetrating insight into how those practices are lowering TCO for industry leaders…

…And it gives you Intel that is simply unavailable from technology vendors with vested interests, or generalists like McKinsey or EY.

Our unbiased, vendor-neutral position gives you real answers and a clear path forward.

You’ll be able to validate some of your current practices, invalidate others, and identify a motherlode of low hanging savings fruit.

With Copier Analytics’ expertise, objectivity and supplementary assistance, you will see proof positive that competitive benchmarking and deep analysis of total cost of ownership is almost sure to uncover inefficiencies and overcharging… or worse…  

…Your printers and copiers may be leaving you wide open to a private data or HIPAA security breach!

Q6. Why would we engage a consulting company to look at this space?

A. For the same reasons you hire outside legal counsel, tax counsel, and management consultants: to benefit from their focused and highly specialized knowledge, expertise, objectivity and supplementary assistance.­­

 With Copier Analytics on your team, you will have the same “bench strength” enjoyed by America’s leading institutions in healthcare, higher Ed, legal, accounting, non-profit, etc.

Q7. How much is this going to cost me?

A. Our fee is based on a small percentage of your actual ACHIEVED savings and not pie-in-the sky recommendations typically suggested by consultants.   

PLUS, our fee INCLUDESthe full implementationof all our recommendations.

Which means we collect NO FEES until you’ve achieved actual dollar savings. And those fees are dwarfed by your savings…

So why not book a short, free, no-obligation discovery call to get a ballpark idea of your savings and the percentage we’d need to make them happen for you?

Q8. We’re really happy with our current vendor, is this going to sour the relationship or reduce the level of service we receive?

See how our clients answer this question:

   “…in short order you took our annual spend for copy machines of $4.5 million to $2.7 million for a recurring $1.8 million annual savings.  And to my surprise, you accomplished this without any reduction in services, the same number of copy machines, and in some cases, copy machines were even upgraded.  This was a painless process that was a win-win for the
users and the University.” — New York University

“The Copier Analytics team… …upgraded equipment where needed, without hindering our savings.  In addition, there was no reduction in service from our ­­­­ as a result of the new reduced pricing.” — Temple University

“…Since the onset of our relationship with Copier Analytics; TaraVista has seen a 15% reduction in equipment cost, and a 75% reduction in service costs.  TaraVista is convinced that Copier Analytics not only helped align us with companies that decreased cost, streamlined processes, and improved technology, but also support our high standards of customer service.”
— TaraVista Behavioral Health Center

A. A lot of our clients have wonderful vendor relationships and our job is to keep it that way.

Our only aim is to serve your interests. And your interests are served by the quality of vendor relationships, whether that means remaining with your existing vendor, or establishing a new and better relationship.

Remember, we are completely vendor neutral. More than fifty percent of the time our clients decide to stay with their existing vendor. The only difference is you pay lower prices.

Also, this is not just about negotiating lower prices, far from it.

With printing, copying and document management being one of your top 5 most significant expenses, technological advancement in this area is creating many opportunities for operational efficiencies…

…For simplified workflows, increased user productivity, and streamlined management of the printing environment…

…All of which, could result in dramatic indirect savings. We know how to cut through the enormous complexity to find and realize those savings.

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