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Copier Analytics CEO, Jan Debassac, has developed a 15-to-30-minute, NO-OBLIGATION Discovery Call.
A quick assessment of your Document Management and Copier/Printer environment, some discussion
of the effective solutions and management strategies available, as well as a ballpark idea
of the savings opportunities that may exist at your organization.

Look at what you can accomplish together in this fast-paced, value-packed session:

Print and Document Management Strategy — What is the right strategy for you?  How does the right strategy enhance Electronic Health Records (EHR), Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)…  improve your employee printing habits… and  significantly reduce your costs, security risks, and IT management tasks?

Print Monitoring Technology — What is the right technology for you?  Can the same software that secures enterprise print workflows be used for analytical purposes?  How can monitoring your organization’s printing habits and workflows allow you to cut costs and increase user productivity?
And how will the analytics reveal the best path forward for implementing managed print services?

Significant Measurable Results and Reductions — How much can you reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)… total print volume… color printing… toner and ink costs… vastly improve utilization of centralized print shop assets, including equipment, labor, postage, and paper… and consolidate and optimize your print assets?

Managed Print Services — Are they for you? How much could you save? How much of the vendor hype should you believe?

Service Level Agreements — What is the right SLA management strategy for you?  How much could you save?  How do you ensure SLA compliance?

Security Risks — What is the best way to ensure device security protocols and to maximize HIPAA compliance?

RFP coming up? — As you can see, we’ve helped many large and small enterprises, including hospital and healthcare institutions, universities and colleges, professional services providers, non-profits, and more, to construct and deliver RFPs, negotiate, and deploy contract renewals, upgrades and wholesale technology migrations.  I’ll give you my unbiased and objective opinion on the structure of your upcoming evaluation.

Savings Score Card and Plan — How are you doing relative to competing organizations in your industry… and what’s the one best step you can take right now to drive costs out of your supply chain? 

Complimentary TCO Analysis and Report — Here’s where you may request your Zero-Cost and No-Obligation COMPLIMENTARY Total Cost of Ownership Analysis and TCO Report‒ To determine security vulnerabilities and all components of your Document Management and Printing & Copying expenditure.  Working offsite we will devote our full resources doing all the work necessary.  You will receive a no-cost, no-obligation report identifying your current true TCO and how much you can save.

There is no charge for this call, but you must fill out a short questionnaire which we will review carefully before the session.

Step 1— Book a call on Jan’s schedule in the calendar at the top of this page.
Step 2— Fill out the mandatory questionnaire on the very next page.
Step 3— Watch your email for confirmation of the call. 

This session will consist of the best analysis and advice Jan can provide in a 15-to-30-minute timeframe.
However, extending the call time can be accommodated, should your interest desire and require additional time.

Copier Analytics’ Unique Contingency-Based Consulting Services

Find out what you don’t know about your current enterprise document production costs and technology opportunities.

 Request Your Complimentary ‘Total Cost of Ownership Analysis
and TCO Report’

Copier Analytics will do a completely FREE Analysis to determine your Document Management and Printing & Copying TRUE Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), and provide an assessment of your organization’s printing practices, workflows, technology, security practices, and green initiatives.

  • There are NO costs or fees for the analysis and report.
  • Copier Analytics will bear 100% of the risk.
  • Offsite, Copier Analytics will devote their full resources doing all the work necessary, and provide a report identifying your current true TCO and how much you can save.

If you choose to implement the savings… our contingency-based method means…

A small percentage of those savings pays our fee.
If we don’t find (and deliver) you savings, YOU PAY US NOTHING!

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