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 Are Document Management, Printing and Copying Costs
Crippling Your Bottom Line?


How to Reduce Your
Copier/Printer Management
and Services Costs

Our 30-Years of ‘inside the industry’ Knowledge 
Has Saved Our Clients $100 MILLION 
and Counting – Why Not YOU?

  • We will do ALL the work
  • You will RECEIVE your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Report
  • We will identify HOW MUCH you can save
  • Using our advanced benchmarking, you will RECEIVE your Competitive Assessment Report (CAR)
  • We will evaluate your technology, regulatory compliance, document, and device security vulnerabilities, and green initiatives, identifying areas NEEDING IMPROVEMENT
  • We will recommend implementable methods for you to ACHIEVE savings, improved technology utilization, and best practices with improved efficiencies
Let us say that again to make it absolutely clear…
Copier Analytics will do all that AT NO COST TO YOU…

…SAVINGS with NO out-of-pocket cost, and with us assuming 100% of the risk.

It’s a WIN-WIN!

That’s why there’s no risk whatsoever, even if you choose
not to implement our recommendations.

You’ve got nothing to lose and tens of thousands of dollars
to gain at the very least.

That’s why our clients say things like this:

SAVED $49,680

“Please allow this letter to serve as a recommendation to utilize the services of Copier Analytics. I have been impressed with the savings my law firm has experienced since I started to use Copier Analytics.

The savings have been extraordinary. I was averaging printer costs of $2,564.08 per month before Copier Analytics performed its analysis. My copy costs are now averaging $1,387.23 per month.

The firm is saving $1,176.85 per month. This translates to a savings of 46% per month.

I would be pleased to discuss my experience with Copier Analytics. I highly recommend using this company. You will not be disappointed.”

Warren S. Koster
Callan, Koster, Brady & Brennan, LLP


SAVED $2,350,000

“I am pleased to recommend Copier Analytics, a document expense-auditing
and technology consulting firm. Care New England engaged the services of Copier Analytics to assist our organization in identifying the best industry practices relating to hard print/copy production
and environmental sustainability

Copier Analytics has been an invaluable partner in our efforts to create efficiency, maximize technology utilization, RFP creation & delivery, and helping us to anticipate future changes resulting from Care New England’s adaption of new enterprise software platforms.

…Copier Analytics will benefit any organization seriously evaluating current copier/printer expenditures and technology…”

Stephen Silva,
VP Supply Chain
Care New England Health System


“It’s not often that a company exceeds
expectations, which is why I wanted to personally thank you.

When we first met and you described the cost savings potential that you believed NYU would experience on its copy machines, I must say I was somewhat skeptical.

However, in short order you took our annual spend for copy machines of $4.5 million to $2.7 million for a recurring $1.8 million annual savings.

And to my surprise, you accomplished this without any reduction in services, the same number of copy machines, and in some cases, copy machines were even upgraded. This was a painless process that was a win‐win for the users and the University.”

Steven Donofrio,
Vice President for Administration
New York University


Sitting beside our clients at the bargaining table. . .
. . .we give you an almost unfair negotiating advantage.
…Even small companies & organizations with only 2 to 4 copiers have saved from $10,000 to $34,500 PER COPIER!
To… saving enterprise organizations…
from HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS (CharterCARE Health Partners SAVED $423,199)…
to MILLIONS OF DOLLARS (Temple University: SAVED $4.5 MILLION)
Servicing clients of all sizes, we’ve secured savings of $100 MILLION and counting.
We can do the same for you, with no out-of-pocket cost, and with us assuming 100% of the risk.


BEST PART:  There are NO Up-Front or Out-of-Pocket costs or fees.

EVEN BETTER:  If we don’t find (and deliver) you savings

ATTENTION: Chief Executives,
Supply Chain & Procurement Administrators
System Architects/Developers, and Business Owners

Partnering with you to implement our recommendations …


Supplier Engagement and Negotiation —

Copier Analytics’ forensic analysis of your printing, copying and document management environment will form the basis of an incredibly concise and clear inventory of needs (RFP), which will be submitted ONLY to qualified vendors.

Our unbiased, vendor-neutral position, benchmarking capabilities and unparalleled knowledge of equipment and vendors, related software, SLAs, contract Ts & Cs, document and device security, and green initiatives, will empower you, your staff, and administrators to save time and money by precisely matching your KPIs to the new technology and new enterprise software programs available.

What’s more sitting beside you at the bargaining table, Copier Analytics will GIVE YOU an almost unfair NEGOTIATING ADVANTAGE.

Implementation —

Copier Analytics is there every step of the way…

Our fee includes the full implementation of all our recommendations.

We will work with your staff and administrators to develop a vendor delivery and implementation program that will ensure that SAVINGS ARE FULLY REALIZED at completion of the project.

We collect NO FEES until you’ve achieved actual dollar savings.  So we HAVE to save you money if we want to succeed on our end.

Even more importantly, your organization or business will gain a considerable competitive advantage, replacing slow, inefficient, outdated technology with the latest, state-of-the-art systems.

And your employees and stakeholders will be better informed, better connected, and better equipped to do their jobs.

We partner with you to reduce document management expenses and evaluate your copier and printer equipment technology, security, and green initiatives, all so you can achieve a notable reduction of expenses along with better efficiencies.

An effective, sustainable design of your imaging and printing infrastructure must balance all the elements of utilization, functionality, security, environmental sustainability, workflows and total cost of ownership.

Our fees are on a contingency basis as a percentage of your savings

  • There is NO FEE for our services if there are no efficient savings that we can propose or if you choose not to implement our recommendations,

  • Our fee is based on a small percentage of actual ACHIEVED savings and not speculative recommendations typically recommended by consultants, and our fee includes the full implementation of our recommendations.

  • And best of all, we collect NO FEES until you have achieved actual dollar savings.

How much of the client’s time or involvement does the process take?

  • Our analysis is non-invasive and performed off-site in our offices.

  • There is very little involvement by you or your staff. You do not have to get involved in the hands-on data collection, analysis process or implementation of savings with the supplier.

  • We are 100% vendor neutral
  • We are NOT a supplier and have NO affiliation with any particular vendor, manufacturer, business product, or software.
  •  But we know them all intimately… including the emerging technologies, the new privacy requirements, and the environmental impact statutes.
  • We also know the good, bad, and the ugly of hidden costs, shady contracts, and popular brands with a big rep but bad products and customer service.
  • Independent of brokers and vendors, we do not receive commissions from anyone
  • We respect your existing vendor relationship, and in many instances vendors stay in place.

    A lot of our clients have wonderful vendor relationships and our job is to keep it that way. Our only aim is to serve your interests. And your interests are served by the quality of vendor relationships, whether that means remaining with your existing vendor, or establishing a new and better relationship.

  • The only difference is THAT YOU PAY LOWER PRICES

It doesn’t matter how many copiers and printers you have, or who your vendors are! Copier Analytics can lower your cost.

These savings can be realized for Xerox, Ricoh, Canon, Konica Minolta,  Kyocera, Toshiba, Panasonic, Samsung, Sharp, Lexmark, Brother, Epson, Ikon, HP, OCE, OKI, etc.

Partner with us to find hidden savings, productivity upgrades, enhanced security, and environmental stewardship.

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