Copier Analytics is a seamless and time-saving analysis and review process. Our fees are on a contingency basis as a percentage of your savings. If there are no savings there is no fee.

Copier Analytics offers a genuine opportunity to improve product quality, administrative efficiency and at the same time make substantial and sustainable cost savings.

For us to deliver to your company the most cost effective solution we first need to fully understand your business. We analyze the data we collect and identify areas where efficiencies can be made. From this information we prepare an in-depth report exploring how to reduce the direct and indirect costs of printing and copying.

Description of Services and Deliverables

Copier Analytics will perform an analysis of the office equipment to determine current document expense costs. This will include an in depth analysis of all billing and recommendations for savings moving forward.

  • Client will provide Copier Analytics with a comprehensive list of equipment included in the analysis.
  • Copier Analytics will perform an analysis to determine Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).
  • Copier Analytics will complete the analysis review and provide to the client a recommendation for review and consideration of proposed saving strategy.
  • Copier Analytics will provide a comprehensive report outlining the description of complete analysis including areas where savings will be realized.
  • Copier Analytics will assist the client in effecting all suggested savings with the proper supplier(s); insure savings are implemented and billed at the correct rate and document the true savings realized through Copier Analytics recommendations.
  • Copier Analytics will insure that recommendations are consistent with best environmental sustainability practices for this commodity.
  • Document security and regulatory compliance are considered for any recommendation made by Copier Analytics.