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CASE STUDY: How The Care New England Health System Supply Chain VP Saved $2,350,000 Without Risking a Dime on IT Consultants, While Actually Improving Uptime and Performance … 

Download this revealing whitepaper and discover:

  • How to avoid falling prey to the sneaky tricks technology vendors use to charge more and deliver less… and how smart, forward-thinking administrators are beating them at their own game… to shave hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars from their operational budgets. 
  • How to safely disentangle yourself from onerous service contracts and outdated equipment… for dramatic savings, productivity upgrades, enhanced security, and environmental stewardship.  
  • How less-than-best practices in device security, access security, document security and end of life security (Hard Drive Disposal) may be leaving you wide open to a security breach and hefty HIPAA fines.

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