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Why Copier Analytics?

Because You Cannot Manage and Improve
What You Cannot Measure!

The Proprietary Copier Analytics PROVEN 5-STEP PROCESS


• Step 1 — Data Collection
• Step 2 — Total Cost of Ownership Analysis (TCO)
• Step 3 — Competitive Benchmarking
• Step 4 — Supplier Engagement and Negotiation
• Step 5 — Implementation

Step 1 — Data Collection

We’ll cooperate with and support your existing procurement team to minimize their workload. With minimal disruption and in coordination with your procurement team, we’ll gather invoices, pricing and service contracts. And together with your existing suppliers, we’ll gather information about your copier services experience.

 We frequently visit clients with large arrays of devices from various manufacturers, each with different print costs associated with them.

You put enormous effort into negotiating contracts at RFP time (every 3-4-5-years), and then it’s on to other things. Document management is NOT your organization’s core competency, after all. Nor should it be. And so all the arcane knowledge required to make sense of the invoices and associated agreements is forgotten from one RFP to the next.

Yet in the hands of someone who lives and breathes copying and printing service contracts, those documents tell all kinds of tales at your organization — about utilization… service level agreement compliance… user productivity… toner and ink efficiency… energy consumption… carbon footprint, and more.

To the trained eye, there is data behind the data… clues that lead Copier Analytics to collect even more data… interviewing stakeholders… analyzing workflow… documenting errors and inconsistencies…

…And for the first time ever, you’ll have a truly panoramic and penetrating view of your entire printing fleet and environment.

Step 2 — Total Cost of Ownership Analysis (TCO)

Next, it’s time to interpret the data to reveal the true cost of ownership of your devices.

Our Analysis will discover your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), providing a financial estimate intended to determine the direct and indirect costs associated with your copies/prints document production.

The analysis, combined with advanced benchmarking provides specific insights and comparison with the best industry practices, while validating current practices, identifying possible efficiency improvements and outlining options designed to reduce the total cost of ownership.

Our analysis will uncover all kinds of factors that are ballooning your operating and administrative costs.

The good news is, Copier Analytics has seen all of the opportunities before and knows exactly what to do (and not do) about them.

For us, it’s just another day at the office.

It’s all we do.

Step 3 — Competitive Benchmarking

Of course, TCO, while critical knowledge for any serious procurement professional, is only part of the puzzle.

Equally important is knowing how your TCO compares to other similar businesses or organizations… and if yours is a print heavy organization, how it compares to other types of print heavy enterprises. Copier Analytics’ competitive benchmarking answers these questions and allows you to accurately identify best practices.

It’ll give you a penetrating insight into how those practices are lowering TCO for industry leaders…

…And it gives you Intel that is simply unavailable from technology vendors with vested interests, or generalists like McKinsey or EY.

Our unbiased, vendor-neutral position gives you real answers and a clear path forward.

Enabling you to validate current practices, invalidate others, identify low hanging savings fruit, and begin preparing an RFP.

We study all the nuances and ramifications of your company’s printing activities. Copier Analytics’ professionals complete a Supply Chain Analysis for you, taking broad strokes in covering everything to create a realistic and concise portrait of your individual needs, including:

  • Improved efficiency for administration, support and contract management functions.
  • Increased user productivity and technology utilization.
  • Document and device security review.
  • Improved environmental practices and reduced carbon footprint

Step 4 — Supplier Engagement and Negotiation

Copier Analytics’ forensic analysis of your printing, copying and document management environment forms the basis of an incredibly concise and clear inventory of needs (RFP), for submission ONLY to qualified vendors.

Our unparalleled knowledge of equipment and vendors, related software, SLAs, contract Ts & Cs, document and device security, and green initiatives, empowers you and your team to save time and money by precisely matching your KPIs to what the market can offer.

   What’s more — like an extra “ace” in your deck of marked cards — Copier Analytics sits beside you
at the bargaining table, giving you an almost unfair negotiating advantage.

  • With either a competitive RFP process or sole-sourcing situation Copier Analytics will recommend the most advantageous and cost effective contract terms.
  • Our benchmarking capabilities ensure competitive rate structures that encourage proper behavior by both parties for service levels required by your business.
  • Environmental sustainability and best practices in change management will be integrally interwoven into your document production strategy.

Copier Analytics ensures that vendors only submit hyper-competitive rate structures that encourage proper behavior by both your internal staff and management as well as the awarded vendor… Enabling the collapse of your ragtag band of several disparate suppliers—and a mish-mash of non-standard management and operating procedures— into an extremely beneficial managed print services (MPS) contract with a single vendor, when appropriate.

The direct, apples-to-apples savings—equipment leases, paper, ink, toner, and maintenance costs—will inject substantial cash directly to your bottom line over the life of the new contract.

Even more impressive, these savings would actually be dwarfed by the indirect savings you would enjoy…

But the battle won’t be over yet…

Step 5 — Implementation

You see, despite the tremendous savings promised by a new contract … it takes more than a piece of paper to realize those savings.

Despite helping you to obtain stakeholder feedback and buy-in right from the beginning, the pain of change and the timing and execution of that change has to be carefully managed.

Copier Analytics is there for you every step of the way, ensuring…

  • A highly choreographed roll out schedule, including change management, tracking and monitoring of purchases, third-party verification of invoices, real-time usage statistics, and iron-clad documentation of savings.
  • Rigid monitoring and verification of KPIs, ensuring projected maintenance, energy and supply cost savings actually materialize.
  • Security audit and analysis, verifying all data and breach protection measures outlined in the new contract performed as promised.

You’ll have an unbiased and objective team of experts at your side to ensure that every benefit promised by the new contract is actually delivered and realized.

Even more importantly, you’ll gain a considerable competitive advantage, replacing slow, inefficient, outdated technology with the latest, state-of-the-art systems.

And your employees and stakeholders will be better informed, better connected, and better equipped to do their jobs.

  • We will support your procurement team in the vendor selection process by providing performance metrics designed to project vendor efficiency and reliability.
  • Copier Analytics will work with your staff to develop a vendor delivery and implementation program that will insure that your savings are fully realized at completion of the project.
  • Environmental sustainability and best practices in change management will be integrally interwoven into your document production strategy.

Expert execution of our PROVEN FIVE-STEP PROCESS has saved our clients $100 MILLION and counting
— why not YOU?

Isn’t it time you finally got on the fast track to vaporizing out of control costs and becoming a budget hero?

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