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Supply Chain Analysis is a business review process that examines the total cost of ownership of enterprise document production with a goal of securing best transactional costs and contract terms for specific commodities and services. We always begin Our Consultancy by assessing each client environment and developing a current-state baseline. To do this, we:

  • Examine contracts (to tell us what is supposed to be happening)
  • Review invoices (to tell us what is actually happening)
  • Map mission-critical workflows (to tell how it is happening)
  • Conduct interview with management (to tell us why and how well it is happening)

At Copier Analytics we examine current printing, copying and other document production and document management costs to determine your Total Cost of Ownership.

Key Benefits:

  • In-depth view of your current document production activity
  • Analysis of your current output and toner expenditures
  • Highlights key areas for improvement
  • Determines potential cost savings

We frequently visit clients with large arrays of devices from various manufacturers, each with different print costs associated with them. Many organizations are forced to hold a large stock of toners and other consumables for their many device models each of which take up valuable office space and are wasted when the printer dies or is upgraded.

Consider your organization; think about how many devices you have available for printing, copying and scanning.

  • Are they all from the same manufacturer?
  • Do they all experience an even amount of usage?
  • Do they all work in the same way and take the same consumables?
  • Do you have a rough estimate of how many prints and copies are produced business-wide?

Copier Analytics removes the guess work and provides factual analysis of your current activity and how, through solution improvement, you can reduce you overall document production costs. While most companies only look at copier and printer programs once every 3-4-5 years at RFP time, we are involved in all aspects of this industry each and every day. Major copier companies are well aware of Copier Analytics and our services and know that our industry knowledge will enhance your contract terms, facilitate understanding of client requirements for supplying vendor while allowing you to maintain partnership with your selected vendor.

Most organizations drastically under estimate the Total Cost of Ownership when it comes to document production infrastructure.

The Importance of Efficient Print/Copy Solutions

  • Reprographics is the third highest cost in most organizations (Gartner).
  • U.S. companies spend between $650 and $1250 per person per year on office printing and copying. For a company with 5,000 employees, that means an expenditure somewhere between $3.25 million and $6.25 million every year (various industry analysts).

This situation has developed because a centralized procurement of these products and services is rarely managed by one department:

  • Photocopiers are centrally funded through facilities.
  • Network printers and scanners are funded by IT.
  • Desktop printers are funded by IT or individual departments.
  • High-volume print production is funded through facilities.

Copier Analytics has expertise in analyzing output strategies for customers in paper-intensive industries such as financial services, education, healthcare, manufacturing, retail and many more. We understand how paper and electronic documents impact the efficiency of business processes.

Working with our client we will assist in developing a strategy that will allow all relevant software utilities, support procedures and supplies processes to be considered to achieve the Supply Chain Analysis and Review objectives:

  • Improved efficiency for administration, support and contract management functions.
  • Increased user productivity and technology utilization.
  • Document and devise security review.
  • Improved environmental practices and reduced carbon footprint.

Copier Analytics and the Environment

Printing and copying has an impact on the environment. Copier Analytics will help you and your employees to reduce your carbon footprint by identifying areas that will make your copier and printer installation as Green as possible.

What we look for:

  • ENERGY STAR® certified devices
  • Update older print devices with newer efficient technology
  • Set devices to enter sleep mode during off hours
  • Return printer cartridges for recycling
  • Print multiple images on a page
  • Follow me print technology
  • Implement user access codes to restrict use of printers and digital copiers
  • Set volume limits by user or department
  • Maximize electronic tools & documents instead of print
  • Use recycled paper
  • Route inbound faxes to an email address
  • Reduce dedicated assets with multifunction devices

Our Partnership Approach

We are proud of our long-term relationships with our clients. That loyalty reflects our partnership approach; we listen carefully, ask questions, explain clearly, and stand behind our work.

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