Callan, Koster, Brady & Brennan, LLP A Law Practice
SAVED $49,680 (Reduced monthly spend 46%)

“Please allow this letter to serve as a recommendation to utilize the services of Copier Audit, LLC. I have been impressed with the savings my law firm has experienced since I started to use Copier Audit LLC. A representative of the company analyzed the needs of my firm and recommended particular printers and a specific company for us to utilize.

The savings have been extraordinary. I was averaging printer costs of $2,564.08 per month before Copier Audit LLC performed its analysis.

My copy costs are now averaging $1,387.23 per month. The firm is saving $1,176.85 per month. This translates to a savings of 46% per month.

I would be pleased to discuss my experience with Copier Audit LLC. I highly recommend using this company. You will not be disappointed.”


Eisner Lubin, LLP SAVED $ 99,150

“This was our first experience working with Copier Audit and it was a pleasure. Marty was very thorough and professional. He made the process of ending our existing leases and upgrading to new equipment painless.
Our new machines are properly networked for maximum productivity and maximum savings. In addition, our firm moved shortly after taking delivery of the equipment and Marty arranged with the vendor to move and set up the equipment at no cost to the firm.
We will realize a savings of $100,000 over the life of the lease of our equipment. Marty Silver and Copier Audit exceeded our expectations. I highly recommend them to any organization thinking about using their services. They are professional, thorough and responsive if you have any questions regarding Copier Audit please do not hesitate to contact me.”

South Texas Blood and Tissue Center SAVED $305,184

“Copier Audit was tasked with improving the quality of our fleet of copiers and lowering overall costs for copier services throughout our organization. We are delighted that your organization was able to save us a total of $305,000. Additionally, all of our new copiers are networked and daily we are eliminating redundant printers and facsimile equipment through our organization, thereby realizing additional savings.
South Texas Blood & Tissue Center and Qualtex Laboratories received the highest level of customer service and professionalism from Copier Audit LLC.
Copier Audit and its staff have exceeded our expectations. Therefore, I have no reservations with providing the strongest possible recommendation for your company to any organization that wishes to use its services.”

University of Connecticut SAVED $ 1,956,000

“It is my opinion the overall experience with Copier Audit was exemplary... Their role in the success of the managed print initiative was indispensable... Their responsiveness, availability and optimistic approach made working with them a pleasurable experience.”

Care New England Health System SAVED $ 2,350,000

I am pleased to recommend Copier Audit Inc., a document expense-auditing and technology consulting firm. Care New England engaged the services of Copier Audit Inc. to assist our organization in identifying the best industry practices relating to hard print/copy production and environmental sustainability initiatives.
Copier Audit Inc. has been an invaluable partner in our effort to create efficiency, maximize technology utilization, RFP creation/ delivery and helping us anticipate future changes resulting from Care New England’s adaption of new enterprise software platforms.
I am convinced that the technical and industry knowledge provided by Copier Audit Inc. will benefit any organization seriously evaluating current copier/printer expenditures and technology deployed in support of document production and including MFD Copiers, Network Printer Fleets and Print Shop operations.
Copier Audit continues to over achieve our expectations as we collaborate on the final stages of RFP evaluations.


Temple University SAVED $4,500,000

As we recently completed a year of savings, I wanted to let you know how impressed we are with your company. Through Copier Audit we were able to reduce our annual operating costs by $750,000, and $4,500,000 over the 6 years of a new contract.
The Copier Audit team was very professional in their interactions with the University Community. They completed a campus wide audit of our copiers and upgraded equipment where needed, without hindering our savings. In addition, there was no reduction in service from our vendor as a result of the new reduced pricing.
I only have the highest praise, respect and appreciation for Copier Audit, and am pleased to make this recommendation known.

New York University SAVED $9,000,000

Just wanted to let you know what a pleasure it was to do business with you and Copy Audit. In my opinion, it’s not often that a company exceeds expectations, which is why I wanted to personally thank you for the services Copy Audit performed for New York University.
When we first met and you described the cost savings potential that you believed NYU would experience on its copy machines, I must say I was somewhat skeptical. However, in short order you took our annual spend for copy machines of $4.5 million to $2.7 million for a recurring $1.8 million annual savings. And to my surprise, you accomplished this without any reduction in services, the same number of copy machines, and in some cases, copy machines were even upgraded. This was a painless process that was a win-win for the users and the University.
Thanks again for the significant cost savings achieved by Copy Audit and the professionalism that you and your staff demonstrated during the process.