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Augsburg University
SAVED $963,159
May 4, 2023

“I am enthusiastic to recommend Copier Analytics, a document expense-auditing, and technology consulting firm.

Augsburg University retained the services of Copier Analytics to assist our organization in identifying the best industry practices relating to hard print/copy production and Mail & Print Shop Operations.

Based on Copier Analytics discovery and recommendations we initiated a
Request for Proposal:

  • Print Management/MPS Program
  • Facility Management Services
  • Copy Center
  • Mail Services
  • Shipping and Receiving

Copier Analytics was a terrific partner starting with the original assessment, RFP creation and delivery technology guidelines & review and in ensuring that the entire project from start to finish was painless and re-warding for our team and end users.

Copier Analytics provided valuable insight affording Augsburg University to manage efficient and effective contract negotiations by compiling detailed guidelines along with an operational model required for effective program administration Copier Analytics’ role in developing a successful contract management model can-not be understated.

Independent of their industry expertise, our experience with Copier Analytics on this project was exemplary. Their responsiveness, availability and optimistic approach made working with them a pleasurable experience.

Here at Augsburg University, Copier Analytics’ involvement has allowed the University to enjoy very substantial cost savings, which is a win for us and a win for our students.

I am happy to discuss in greater detail.”

John Coskran
Chief Financial Officer
Augsburg University

Maryville University
June 1, 2023

To Whom it May Concern:

This letter serves the purpose of recommending Jan Debassac, Copier Analytics, and Expense Consulting for consulting services to analyze and reduce operating expenses. While Jan is an expert at copier and print analytics, he has shown himself to solution-oriented and customer centric. In our project, Jan looked at multiple business units. While I cannot speak for the entire University, Jan recovered nearly $60,000 for my business unit. That’s $60,000 per year in savings that is now being better utilized for operations and student programming.

Also, Jan is very detailed and prompt in his responses. His strategic approach is transparent and as collaborative as we needed it to be. Accordingly, I highly recommend Jan Debassac to assist you and your or-ganization in recovering resources. You will not be disappointed. Please let me know if you have any ques-tions about this recommendation.


Damon Mitchell
Director, Business Operations
Student Life Office
Maryville University

New York University
(Reduced Spend 40%)
SAVED a Recurring $1.8 MILLION Annually
SAVED $9,000,000 Over a New 5-Year Contract

“Just wanted to let you know what a pleasure it was to do business with you and Copier Analytics. In my opinion, it’s not often that a company exceeds expectations, which is why I wanted to personally thank you for the services Copier Analytics performed for New York University.

When we first met and you described the cost savings potential that you believed NYU would experience on its copy machines, I must say I was somewhat skeptical. However, in short order you took our annual spend for copy machines of $4.5 million to $2.7 million for a recurring $1.8 million annual savings. And to my surprise, you accomplished this without any reduction in services, the same number of copy machines, and in some cases, copy machines were even upgraded. This was a painless process that was a win-win for the users and the University.

Thanks again for the significant cost savings achieved by Copier Analytics and the professionalism that you and your staff demonstrated during the process.”

Steven Donofrio
Vice President for Administration
New York University

Care New England Health System
(Reduced Spend 37%)
SAVED a Recurring $470,000 Annually
SAVED $2,350,000 Over a New 5-Year Contract

“I am pleased to recommend Copier Analytics, a document expense-auditing, and technology consulting firm. Care New England engaged the services of Copier Analytics to assist our organization in identifying the best industry practices relating to hard print/copy production and environmental sustainability initiatives.

Copier Analytics has been an invaluable partner in our effort to create efficiency, maximize technology utilization, RFP creation/delivery and helping us anticipate future changes resulting from Care New England’s adaptation of new enterprise software platforms.

I am convinced that the technical and industry knowledge provided by Copier Analytics will benefit any organization seriously evaluating current copier/printer expenditures and technology deployed in support of document production and including; MFD Copiers, Network Printer Fleets and Print Shop operations.

Copier Analytics continues to overachieve our expectations as we collaborate on the final stages of RFP evaluations. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.”

Stephen Silva
VP Supply Chain
Care New England Health System

Temple University
(Reduced Spend 45%)
SAVED a Recurring $750,000 Annually
SAVED $4,500,000 Over a New 6-Year Contract

“As the 2015-16 fall semester at Temple University gets underway, we have much to celebrate – innovative research, higher graduation rates, and stellar students and faculty committed to success in a wide array of arts and science programs. US. News & World Reports recently released its latest university rankings, and Temple showed significant gains as it continues to evolve into a national leader in public higher education.

We not only celebrate but also appreciate. Temple has been able to keep tuition affordable, and Copier Analytics has played an important part in that area of success. I must admit, during our initial meeting we were somewhat skeptical about the amount of savings that Copier Analytics indicated they should be able to produce.  As we recently completed a year of savings, I wanted to let you know how impressed we are with your company. Through Copier Analytics, we were able to reduce our annual operating costs by $750,000 per year and $4,500,000 over the 6 years of a new contract.

The Copier Analytics Team was very professional in their interactions with the University Community. They completed a campus-wide audit of our copiers and upgraded equipment where needed, without hindering our savings. In addition, there was no reduction in service from our vendor as a result of the new reduced pricing.

I only have the highest praise, respect and appreciation for Copier Analytics, and am pleased to make this recommendation known.”

Ken Kaiser
VP, CFO, and Treasurer
Temple University

(Reduced Spend Over 25%)
SAVED a Recurring $180,000 Annually
SAVED $900,000 Over a New 5-Year Contract

“This is a letter of reference for Copier Analytics. We hired Copier Analytics about 1 year ago to conduct an RFP for our copiers. We had a 5-year contract that was ending with our current vendor and we wanted the support of an experienced company to guide us through this. We went into the RFP with fairly low expectations to save money. We felt that we were getting a good price already and that is why we didn’t expect much. Copier Analytics came and helped us get the process going and really helped us speed up the process.

As we went through the RFP process, they were very professional and really became a valuable resource for us. They did most of the negotiation with the vendors and they made sure we fully understood what each vendor was offering. After we received the final pricing RFP from all the vendors, we were shocked to see that our original expectations were completely wrong. Copier Analytics negotiated a price savings of over 25% from our current costs. Even more remarkable, was that the vendor who was the cheapest was our current vendor. The fact that our current vendor was cheaper made the whole process so much easier since we did not have to go through implementation with a whole new vendor.

Overall we were extremely satisfied with the service we received from Copier Analytics and we would 100% recommend them to anyone.”

Robert Young
Head of Procurement and Business Services Officer

TaraVista Behavioral Health Center
(Reduced Service Costs 75%)
SAVED $238,536

“In the fall of 2018 TaraVista Behavioral Health Center engaged the services of Copier Analytics to conduct a thorough analysis of our print management services. Jan Debassac managed the RFP process flawlessly and assisted us every step of the way. Copier Analytics established a solid partnership with TaraVista and maintained transparency, openness and support through the entire process.

They exceeded all expectations. Since the onset of our relationship with Copier Analytics; TaraVista has seen a 15% reduction in equipment cost, and a 75% reduction in service costs. TaraVista is convinced that Copier Analytics not only helped align us with companies that decreased cost, streamlined processes, and improved technology, but also support our high standards of customer service.

TaraVista is very pleased with the services provided by Copier Analytics and appreciates all the work Jan Debassac did during the entire process.”

Thomas D. Feight
Director of Information Systems
TaraVista Behavioral Health Center

University of Connecticut
SAVED a Recurring $391,200 Annually
SAVED $1,956,000 Over a New 5-Year Contract

“This letter serves as a formal reference in regards to the consulting services provided to the University of Connecticut by Copier Analytics in support of the University’s managed print initiative. The University commenced an RFP process in 2011 in an effort to gain information in pursuit of a managed print program.  As subsequent Request for Qualifications and Request for Proposal were issued, the University’s ability to proceed was hindered by a lack of subject matter experts.  With the constant involvement, support and expertise of both Copier Analytics, UConn was able to identify the challenges with which we were faced, outline a detailed scope for the managed print program, and compile a well-written RFP inclusive of detailed equipment specifications and Scope of Work.

It is my opinion that Copier Analytics was primarily responsible for allowing the University to overcome the aforementioned challenges as well as provide their guidance and expertise through the provider selection process.

Additionally, Copier Analytics provided indispensable insight allowing the University to conduct efficient and effective contract negotiations by compiling detailed guidelines along with an operational model required for effective program administration.  Moreover, Copier Analytics role in developing a successful contract management model cannot be understated.

Independent of their industry expertise, the overall experience with Copier Analytics was exemplary.  Their responsiveness, availability and optimistic approach made working with them a pleasurable experience. There were often times where the University requested a meeting the night before, requiring our consultants to travel hours to attend and was accomplished without hesitation.

Copier Analytics’ involvement has allowed the University to enjoy substantial cost savings.  I am happy to discuss in greater detail.

It is my opinion that the role of Copier Analytics in the overall success of the managed print initiative was indispensable.   Without the expertise, guidance, and effectiveness of our consultants, I suspect the effectiveness and success of the launch of our managed print program would have suffered, risking the overall success of the initiative.

Please feel free to reach out to me for any additional information or inquiries.”

Matthew Larson, MBA,
Director of Procurement,
University of Connecticut

St. John Fisher College
(Reduced Spend 32%)
SAVED $663,236

“As our institution began to review its printer fleet and related costs, the decision was taken to engage Copier Analytics to provide consultation and expertise to the process. They have proven to be indispensable during the process. Jan Debassac from Copier Analytics has been excellent to work with since the first meeting.

Our process began with Jan reviewing our current print environment consisting of multi-function printers (MFP’s), network printers, and related software applications. He provided an initial assessment of our options. We chose to initiate an RFP for Managed Print Services in which Jan provided guidance and recommendations on scope and criteria for evaluation. Throughout the selection process and during negotiations with the finalists, Jan was highly valuable in ensuring the best and final offers by the competitors were indeed the best pricing.

I can confidently recommend Copier Analytics as a buyer’s advocate. They were a valuable resource throughout our engagement reducing the hassles and frustration of researching and evaluating copier/printer equipment, technology, and software trends and best practices. As guide to the process, Jan provided unbiased insight to our approach which yielded significant financial savings.

Copier Analytics and Jan have been valuable partners in the College’s efforts to manage costs for printing and improve service for our campus community.”

Stacy Slocum
Chief Information Officer
St. John Fisher College

Clark Fork Valley Hospital & Family Medicine Network
(Reduced Spend 20%)

“I had the pleasure of working with Jan Debassac of Copier Analytics on a Print Management project for my small rural hospital in western Montana during 2020. I met Jan at a conference, and he suggested that his company could help our hospital better manage our printers and copiers and save money. He explained that the real cost of printing is the supplies, not so much the equipment.

Print management had been a source of frustration for me over the years. We had traditionally leased copiers and multifunction machines and it seemed we were always dealing with machines that were reaching end of lease, should we replace or purchase. Changing vendors was a nightmare and the vendor knew it, and service often suffered. We had accumulated a mishmash of different printers of various brands, despite my stated goal to standardize. It seemed we were paying way too much for toner and managing the inventory was a challenge. Finally, due to the change in accounting treatment of operating leases, I was ready to eliminate the leasing of this equipment.

As a small organization, we had never invested the resources into analyzing and optimizing our print services. We did not have the expertise on our limited staff. Jan brought this expertise to our organization. He worked with our IT Department to compile an inventory of all equipment related to print management throughout the hospital. He helped us develop an RFP which was distributed to three local vendors. He participated in the proposal meetings and assisted us with review and comparison of the proposals, and vendor selection. Finally, he inspected the purchase agreement and contract to ensure they matched the vendor proposal. Our project was elongated and complicated by the fact that the hospital was responding to a pandemic at the same time.

Copier Analytics generates a fee for this service as a percentage of the savings generated by the project. As such, it is kind of a “no-brainer” particularly for an organization that does not have in-house resources or expertise to perform this analysis.

Today, we have reliable, standardized print management equipment throughout our facility. We have a contract with the vendor at an optimal per page rate for printing, no toner bills, and no inventory management. And we are saving nearly 20% annually on these supplies.

Jan is extremely knowledgeable, pleasant, and patient. I would highly recommend to any colleague that is experiencing the same challenges that we were to work with him and his company, Copier Analytics.”

Carla A. Neiman
Chief Financial Officer
Clark Fork Valley Hospital & Family Medicine Network

South Texas Blood and Tissue Center
SAVED $305,184

“Copier Analytics was tasked with improving the quality of our fleet of copiers and lowering overall costs for copier services throughout our organization.  We are delighted that your organization was able to save us a total of $305,000.  Additionally, all of our new copiers are networked and daily we are eliminating redundant printers and facsimile equipment through our organization, thereby realizing additional savings.

South Texas Blood & Tissue Center and Qualtex Laboratories received the highest level of customer service and professionalism from Copier Analytics.

Copier Analytics and its staff have exceeded our expectations.  Therefore, I have no reservations with providing the strongest possible recommendation for your company to any organization that wishes to use its services.”

Norman D. Kalmin, MD
President/CEO and Medical Director

Burke Rehabilitation Hospital
SAVED $147,062

“On behalf of my entire staff involved, I wanted to personally thank you for the fine work your company performed here at Burke Rehabilitation Hospital in 2011.

Not only was the audit your staff performed very professional and prompt but as a result in the total savings we incurred, we were able to upgrade all of our copy machines.  This has increased productivity and for that, I am also thankful.”

John Ryan
Executive Director
Burke Rehabilitation Hospital

Callan, Koster, Brady & Brennan, LLP
A Law Practice with 2 Copiers
(Reduced monthly spend 46%) SAVED $49,680

“Please allow this letter to serve as a recommendation to utilize the services of Copier Analytics.  I have been impressed with the savings my law firm has experienced since I started to use Copier Analytics.  A representative of the company analyzed the needs of my firm and recommended particular printers and a specific company for us to utilize.

The savings have been extraordinary.  I was averaging printer costs of $2,564.08 per month before Copier Analytics performed its analysis.  My copy costs are now averaging $1,387.23 per month.  The firm is saving $1,176.85 per month.  This translates to a savings of 46% per month.

I would be pleased to discuss my experience with Copier Analytics.   I highly recommend using this company.  You will not be disappointed.”

Warren S. Koster
Callan, Koster, Brady & Brennan, LLP
Counselors and Attorneys at Law

Pullman & Comley LLC
A Law Firm with 12 Copiers
SAVED $189,000

“I would like to personally thank you and commend you for the work that your staff performed for Pullman & Comley. In addition to being extremely knowledgeable, they were also prompt, efficient and professional. As a result of their work, our firm not only realized considerable savings but also improved the quality, reliability and efficiency of our copiers and printers.

When you first approached me about conducting an audit, I was skeptical that you could produce the results that you indicated. In fact, you exceeded those results and for that we are very appreciative. Job well done!”

Collin P. Baron
Pullman & Comley LLC

Eisner Lubin, LLP
A CPA Firm with 3 Copiers
SAVED $ 99,150

“This was our first experience working with Copier Analytics and it was a pleasure.  Marty was very thorough and professional.  He made the process of ending our existing leases and upgrading to new equipment painless.

Our new machines are properly networked for maximum productivity and maximum savings.  In addition, our firm moved shortly after taking delivery of the equipment and Marty arranged with the vendor to move and set up the equipment at no cost to the firm.

We will realize a savings of $100,000 over the life of the lease of our equipment.  Marty Silver and Copier Analytics exceeded our expectations.  I highly recommend them to any organization thinking about using their services.  They are professional, thorough and responsive if you have any questions regarding Copier Analytics please do not hesitate to contact me.”

Joan E. Zimbalist
Director of Human Resources
Eisner Lubin LLP

Archbishop Stepinac High School
With 4 Copiers
SAVED $48,339

“We at Archbishop Stepinac High School have, over the past several months, undertaken to replace all of our copier equipment.

We enlisted the services of Copier Analytics to provide help and guidance in choosing our replacement equipment and leasing terms.  The service provided by Copier Analytics, and Jack Ryan in particular, has been exemplary.  The guidance provided was timely and helpful.  Jack interviewed and negotiated great pricing and terms with prospective suppliers using the leverage of Copier Analytics in the copier industry.

On its own, Archbishop Stepinac High School would have spent considerably more time and resource on the endeavor and could not have accomplished the great results we achieved working with Copier Analytics.

I heartily recommend the service and I will continue to work with them in any of our future needs.”

Thomas D’ Agostino
Director of Finance and Admin services
Archbishop Stepinac High School

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