ATTENTION: Business Owners, Chief Executives, Procurement Executives

  • Paying too much for your copier and printer leases and maintenance contracts? How would you know?
  • Are your equipment technology, security, and green initiatives what they should be? How would you know?

Now you can know... and not be charged anything to find out!

“I have yet to meet a business, organization or business person who would not benefit from an increase of awareness of what their print management is costing them, and how they can reduce that cost. Especially, if it doesn't cost them anything to find out!”

Accept that print management is complex and that you may be overpaying

Vendors often surround their programs with window dressing to maximize their revenue and profit. Then they assure the customer they have received the best terms and pricing possible.  As a result, the reality is significantly higher costs, under-utilized equipment and exorbitant service agreements, with most businesses actually paying way too much.

For many organizations, total cost of operations and fleet management of copier and printer assets is usually underestimated, and for many large institutions this is the third most expensive overhead item, after personnel and real estate, amounting to 3-4% of overall operating expenses (Gartner Group 2010).

Benefit from partnering with an outside copier and printer management EXPERT

Q. Why would I need an outside copier and printer management consultant, if our company already has internal procurement executives to research, obtain and select the best equipment and bids for our copier and printer lease and maintenance contracts?

A. For the same reasons companies hire outside legal counsel, tax counsel, and management consultants: to benefit from their focused and highly specialized knowledge and skill set for a particular area of expertise.

While items like copiers and printers seem non cutting edge, they are getting more complicated than ever: hard drives, security vulnerabilities, document management, green initiatives, storage, retrieval, digital image capture, mobile devices and cloud services have changed the way that people and organizations use images and content. The rapid change in multiple function print ‘MFP’ technology necessitates a focused and highly specialized knowledge and skill set that is acquired working in this industry virtually every day and every week, year after year, as opposed to dealing with this type of contract every 3-6 years when current contracts expire.

Get a no risk, no cost analysis

Copier Analytics will find out what your print management is costing you, and if you are paying too much, all without it costing you anything.

  1. Since Copier Analytics’ fees are on a contingency basis, there is no upfront cost for us to find this out for you.
  2. We will use our expertise and specialized knowledge and skill set with copiers and printers. We do all the work.
  3. Our analysis will reveal if you are paying too much, and how much, as well as provide an evaluation of your current equipment technology, security and green initiatives.

You get a comprehensive analysis of your print management costs and processes from an industry expert for free!

Actionable information, clear print management strategy

Assuming it is determined you are paying too much for your document management, you will decide if you want to take action to reduce those costs, and be sure your technology, security and green initiatives are up-to-date. If you chose to implement our recommendations, our fee is based on a small percentage of actual achieved savings and not speculative recommendations typically recommended by consultants, and our fee includes the full implementation of our recommendations.


You get to reduce your copier and printer costs, while being sure your equipment technology, security and green initiatives are up to date, and it will cost you less than you are currently paying.