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With 3-4-5-year RFP cycles and the fact that no procurement administrator can keep up with the frenetic pace of change in the way this commodity is bought and sold. Your internal staff can AVOID the time, effort, hassles, frustration, cost and stress of the steep learning curve when it comes to gaining a baseline and identifying what opportunities exist.

This necessitates a focused and highly specialized knowledge and skill set that cannot be acquired WITHOUT working deep in the guts of the industry on a daily basis, as opposed to dealing with this every 3-4-5-years at RFP time.

And relying on the vendors who maintain your equipment is like putting the fox in charge of the henhouse.

  • We facilitate both the implementation and use of technology as well as necessary change management strategies — all without affecting daily operations.
  • We understand Best Practices and optimal technology implementation/utilization.
  • Copier Analytics provides critical technical support that is a time-saving resource for your organization.
  • Performance metrics designed to project vendor efficiency and reliability.
  • Request for Proposal (RFP) construction and delivery.
  • Copier Analytics is like an extra “ace” in your deck of marked cards — sitting beside you at the bargaining table, giving you an almost unfair negotiating advantage…

    By utilizing the resources of Copier Analytics, you can not only free-up your internal resources — you can free-up significant amounts of money that can be reinvested toward your other primary objectives.

Effective Document Management Solutions and Strategies

In the search for effective SOLUTIONS, examining your organization’s approach to managing printing costs is not always at the forefront of ongoing initiatives.

But the reality is that the right print management STRATEGY complements Electronic Health Records (EHR), Enterprise Content Management (ECM) & Enterprise Risk Management (ERM); improves employee printing habits; and significantly reduces costs, security risks, and IT management tasks.

The cost of printing is often overlooked

Printing is one of the higher expense categories, yet this spending is often overlooked and unmonitored, resulting in wasteful practices and unnecessary costs.

At Copier Analytics our experience has shown that developing and implementing an effective print strategy yields SIGNIFICANT measurable results and reductions in the total cost of ownership of 35 percent or more are possible. Typical results include:

  • A 25-40 percent (or more) reduction in total print volume.
  • Secure and confidential documents.
  • System-generated reports being converted into electronic reports insuring proper Service Level Agreements management.
  • A reduction in color printing
  • A 30-40 percent reduction in toner and ink costs.
  • Print asset consolidation and reduction of 25-50 percent.

Discovering the best path forward

Procuring printers and copiers is typically FRAGMENTED along each commodity and many organizations leave it to IT and/or Supply Chain staff to manage printing costs, usually at the device and contract pricing level only.

Copier Analytics has the expertise to help you analyze the demand side of print and strategically explore your organization’s printing habits and workflows.

With the right technology in place to MONITOR your organization’s printing, the analytics and reports will help to reveal the best path forward and Copier Analytics will ASSIST you in maximizing HIPAA and SLA compliance and in implementing best practices in managed print services.

Accept that print management is complex and that you may be overpaying…

…Frankly, something that sounds as simple as copying and printing is actually very complex.

…But we know how to untangle the spider-web of issues and make it crystal clear.

Vendors often surround their programs with window dressing to maximize their revenue and profit. Then they assure the customer they have received the best terms and pricing possible. As a result, the reality is significantly higher costs, under-utilized equipment and exorbitant service agreements, with most businesses actually paying way too much.

For many organizations, total cost of operations and fleet management of copier and printer assets is usually underestimated, and for many large institutions this is the third most expensive overhead item, after personnel and real estate, amounting to 3-4% of overall operating expenses (Gartner Group 2010).

Benefit from partnering with an external copier and printer management EXPERT:
You may be wondering …

Q. Why would I need an external copier and printer management consultant, if our company already has internal procurement administrators to research, obtain and select the best equipment and bids and RFPs for our copier and printer lease and maintenance contracts?
A. For the same reasons companies hire external legal counsel, tax counsel, and management consultants: to benefit from their focused and highly specialized knowledge and area of expertise for a particular skill set.
  • Expertise
  • Objectivity
  • Supplementary Assistance 

    …Are the Primary Reasons for Any Organization To Hire an External Consulting Firm

While items like copiers and printers seem non cutting edge, they are getting more complicated than ever: hard drives, security
vulnerabilities, document management, green initiatives, storage, retrieval, digital image capture, mobile devices and cloud services have changed the way that people and organizations use images and content. The rapid change in multiple function print ‘MFP’ technology necessitates a focused and highly specialized knowledge and skill set that cannot be acquired without working deep in the guts of the industry on a daily basis , as opposed to dealing with this every 3-4-5-years at RFP time.


You face extensive time, resources and a steep learning curve when it comes to gaining a baseline and identifying what opportunities exist.

And relying on the vendors who maintain your equipment is like putting the fox in charge of the henhouse.

For us, it’s just another day at the office. It’s ALL we do.

With Copier Analytics’ expertise, objectivity and supplementary assistance, you will see proof positive that competitive benchmarking and deep analysis of total cost of ownership is almost sure to uncover inefficiencies and overcharging… or worse…

…Your printers and copiers may be leaving you wide open to a Private Data or HIPAA security breach!

At a time when large data breaches are almost a weekly occurrence across all industries, the confidentiality and protection of personal and health data is perhaps one of the greatest challenges faced by all industries.

OCR Concludes 2018 with All-Time Record Year for HIPAA Enforcement – February 7, 2019  OCR has concluded an all-time record year in HIPAA enforcement activity. In 2018, OCR settled 10 cases and secured one judgment, together totaling $28.7 million. This total surpassed the previous record of $23.5 million from 2016 by 22 percent. In addition, OCR also achieved the single largest individual HIPAA settlement in history of $16 million with Anthem, Inc., representing a nearly three-fold increase over the previous record settlement of $5.5 million in 2016. -U.S. Department of Health & Human Resources

Get a NO-Risk, NO-Cost analysis

Copier Analytics will find out what your print management is costing you, and if you are paying too much, all without it costing you a single dime.

  • Since Copier Analytics’ fees are on a contingency basis, there is no upfront cost and no out-of-pocket cost for us to find this out for you.
  • Utilizing our 30-years of ‘inside the industry’ knowledge and experience… we will do all the work.
  • Including an evaluation of your processes, current equipment technology, security and green initiatives, our comprehensive analysis will reveal what it is costing you… and the savings and operational efficiency opportunities that exist at your organization.

NO OUT-OF-POCKET COST SAVINGS with Copier Analytics assuming 100% of the risk.


  • EVEN IF you would rather leave old technology in place, it will end up costing you more than the cost of replacing it.
  • 5 PROVEN STEPS for streamlining and optimizing your printer and copier environment.
  • Request for Proposal (RFP) construction and delivery.
  • EXPERIENCED EXPERT sitting beside you at the bargaining table, giving you an almost unfair negotiating advantage.
  • SHAVE tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars from your operational budgets.
  • EVEN MORE impressive, these savings would actually be dwarfed by the indirect savings you would enjoy.
  • SAFELY disentangle from onerous service contracts and outdated equipment… for dramatic savings, productivity upgrades, enhanced security, and environmental stewardship.
  • EFFECTIVE Print Management Solutions and Strategies
  • Deploying the RIGHT Print Monitoring Technology
  • Achieve SIGNIFICANT Measurable Results and Reductions
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